My consultancy focus

To be innovative, curious and empathetic in delivering impactful solutions for my clients’ needs relating to diversity & inclusion strategy, culture change, learning and development programmes.

My approach is simple

Listen, clarify & research
Simplify what’s complex
Agree the change plan
Design strategic solutions
Create compelling content
Deliver timely excellence

My reason why

Because a future where we can be our very best is a future I want to build.

Recent Assignments

  • D&I Off-sites for Execs/Senior Leaders
  • Developing D&I Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Inclusion Surveys & D&I Focus Groups
  • Employee Resource Group (ERG) Development
  • Inclusive Leadership Training & Events
  • D&I Case Study Writing for HRBPs
  • Diversity Data Modelling, Analysis & Projections
  • Scenario Learning Series
  • Employee Roundtables & Focus Groups
  • Diversity Taskforce & D&I Council Reboots
  • Race/Ethnicity Inclusion & Allyship Series
  • Personality Profiling & Team Dynamics
  • Coaching High-Performing Global Teams
  • Women Leadership Development Programme

D&I Programmes

  • New Inclusion – D&I Series
  • SYNERGY Programme (For Global ERGs)
  • D&I Hackathon – Design & Delivery
  • Cognitive Diversity
  • Strategic & Inclusive Leadership
  • Leading Diverse Teams
  • Intersectionality
  • KPIs & Measuring Impact
  • The Privilege Project
  • Future Scenarios of Work
  • Creating Allyship
  • Micro-behaviours & Unconscious Bias
  • Accelerating Inclusion
  • Change Readiness
  • Building Resilience & Adaptability
  • High Performing Teams



Diversity Calendar 2023

As we celebrate our global diversity and value difference, I hope this calendar with key dates of cultural, religious, social, and historical significance, will support you in your plans and all that you do to further your ambitions towards a more inclusive world. 2023 will be a year to be bold, have courage, spread those wings and embark on new journeys. Whether we do it on our own or with others, we all play a role in appreciating, preserving and valuing our collective identities. Here’s to working together for a better tomorrow for our generation and the ones to come.