My consultancy focus

To be innovative, curious and empathetic in delivering impactful solutions for my clients’ needs relating to diversity & inclusion strategy, culture change, learning and development programmes.

My approach is simple

Listen, clarify & research
Simplify what’s complex
Agree the change plan
Design strategic solutions
Create compelling content
Deliver timely excellence

My reason why

Because a future where we can be our very best is a future I want to build.

Recent Assignments

  • D&I Off-sites for Execs/Senior Leaders
  • Developing D&I Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Inclusion Surveys & D&I Focus Groups
  • Employee Resource Group (ERG) Development
  • Inclusive Leadership Training & Events
  • D&I Case Study Writing for HRBPs
  • Diversity Data Modelling, Analysis & Projections
  • Scenario Learning Series
  • Employee Roundtables & Focus Groups
  • Diversity Taskforce & D&I Council Reboots
  • Race/Ethnicity Inclusion & Allyship Series
  • Personality Profiling & Team Dynamics
  • Coaching High-Performing Global Teams
  • Women Leadership Development Programme

D&I Programmes

  • New Inclusion – D&I Series
  • SYNERGY Programme (For Global ERGs)
  • D&I Hackathon – Design & Delivery
  • Cognitive Diversity
  • Strategic & Inclusive Leadership
  • Leading Diverse Teams
  • Intersectionality
  • KPIs & Measuring Impact
  • The Privilege Project
  • Future Scenarios of Work
  • Creating Allyship
  • Micro-behaviours & Unconscious Bias
  • Accelerating Inclusion
  • Change Readiness
  • Building Resilience & Adaptability
  • High Performing Teams



Diversity Calendar 2022

Here’s to starting 2022 with renewed goals and a calendar celebrating difference. 

I hope these beautiful images of fabrics and patterns from around the world alongside key dates of cultural, religious, and historical significance, will inspire you to celebrate difference, as well as support you in your plans and commitments towards diversity and inclusion. Our different cultures, customs, beliefs, and perspectives make up the very fabric of our society. We all play a role in appreciating and preserving our differences that bring richness and depth to our world through embracing our collective identities.

Let’s continue to build a greater sense of community through mutual respect, kindness and allyship.