HR Consultation

People solutions and organisational culture consulting.

People strategy and workplace culture consulting aligned to your business needs;

Working with you to troubleshoot and provide detailed and entrepreneurial HR solutions;

International HR insights and advice for business growth and entering new markets.

Strategic Advice

Simplify linking performance to strategy.

Translating business strategy into practice and achieving goals;

Ensuring alignment between business plans and people plans;

Measuring team and individual performance through strong Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);

Developing commercial gravitas and demonstrating solid results.


Programmes to inspire towards becoming more self-aware and effective.

Inspirational and motivational facilitation;

Delivering powerful programmes which act as a catalyst for self-improvement;

Understanding yourself and the effectiveness of being natural;

Moderating panels for diverse debates and open discussions.

What People Say



“Huma is an excellent and practical problem solving person with international standards. She moves swiftly in complex and multicultural organizations, feeling at her ease in every corner of the company. Her charisma, experience and logic will always be there to support her team and colleagues.”


“Role model interview with JaneHillNews and humaqazi really inspiring on engaging more women and straight allies in networks” 


“Huma was extremely professional in the way that she managed a diverse group of people, all who had different agendas. I would recommend Huma as someone who can efficiently put process in place but does so in a consultative manner and is a huge asset to any organisation.”