It’s time for change, once again within the oil and gas industry globally. A number of HR challenges are presenting themselves. Full-day workshop was designed for a client on how to respond effectively to HR challenges by creating a more human organisation culture.

Responding effectively to HR challenges by creating a more human organisation culture

Workshop Synopsis:

  • How does your employer brand from a ‘culture’ perspective attract and retain top talent?
  • Understand culture’s journey and what organisation culture is comprised of; what it means to all stakeholders, internal and external to your organisation.
  • How does workplace culture influence reputation and perception? What have we learnt from other organisations and how do you retain employee trust and loyalty during a downturn?
  • When short-term strategy may emphasise urgent restructuring plans, what is the opportunity cost in the medium or longer term? What role do business leaders and HR play in getting culture right
  • How do you cost-effectively influence change with both quick wins and sustainable results amidst business transformation, portfolio divestment or M&A activity? This workshop is ideal for delegates who wish to:

What you will gain:

Take back fresh ideas on people strategy and how to incorporate quick wins

Boost their creativity and innovate culture change solutions back in their organisations

Challenge traditional mind-sets and status quo within their organisation culture

Be inspired through participating in interactive sessions

 Huma Qazi

HR & Culture Change Director
“humanise your business”