An Introduction


Certified NLP Practitioner

Use of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques in Coaching, combined with in-depth knowledge of the corporate world from an HR perspective. Help clients to clarify goals, change behaviour and tap into their internal resources in order to achieve their desired outcomes.

Formal Education

MBA in Marketing and MSc in Human Resource Management.

Experienced Speaker

Speaking openly and pragmatically to inspire and motivate others with my life experience and journey so far.

Huma Qazi

Huma Qazi

Director, HR & Culture

The “humanise your business” brand

Humanising businesses is my passion and I have embarked on this journey to share my HR knowledge and international experiences in an open and inclusive manner. I consult with your organisation to understand what makes people tick and how their beliefs, values and passions tie into what organisations want to deliver, beyond mere performance but tapping into their potential. We’re already in an era where the competitive advantage goes way beyond the role we play at work, rather how we identify as a team, how we gel together, gather momentum and can ultimately outperform.

The “we’re only human, make it count” brand

Working with individuals, organisations and speaking to children at schools reaffirms to me the sheer importance of acknowledging who we are, what that self-identity means and how it impacts the quality of our lives and our personal and professional development. Understanding what limits us, tackling perceptions and being able to evolve to be our very best is what drives the delivery of my bespoke programmes and speaker sessions.

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What people say



“Huma is an excellent and practical problem solving person with international standards. She moves swiftly in complex and multicultural organizations, feeling at her ease in every corner of the company. Her charisma, experience and logic will always be there to support her team and colleagues.”


“Role model interview with JaneHillNews and humaqazi really inspiring on engaging more women and straight allies in networks” 


“Huma was extremely professional in the way that she managed a diverse group of people, all who had different agendas. I would recommend Huma as someone who can efficiently put process in place but does so in a consultative manner and is a huge asset to any organisation.”